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How we intend to keep children safe at large festivals and event in 2018

Child and Young Person Registration scheme.

After the awful news in Manchester we have spent the last days working extremely hard to update and reconsider our health and safety procedures for event such as these.

Now its important to remember that attacks like this are VERY rare, but we must be prepared and lessons need to be learned. 

you can see our registration scheme explained below...designed to help us reunite families and keep them safe in our care. 


We will add more or our ideas and safety procedures as we can. We are working very hard on this at the moment so be patient as we finish and launch one at a time. 

We have been using this registration scheme for many years at festivals  when providing  lost children and child welfare offices.


But we have worked this week to adapt it to work should an attack or incident take place as well as general child welfare issues such as lost children and injury.  


This is how it works:

1- You download the online registration form or pick on up on arrival at the

festival site. 

2- Fill in the info we ask for, we will ask things like: 

  •  Names/ age/ address

  •  Any medical history, allergies, disabilities or illness we may need to be aware of.

  •  Contact names, info and names of parents both on and off the festival site.

  •  Description of your child ( in case they get lost)

  •  Description of parents on site ( in case you get lost)

  •  Info on your car and living space if on site and its reg and description

  • Any other info you might want to give us... or we want to ask you

     ( you can decide what you want to tell us or not tell us)

3- You sign and hand in the form to us at our office in Angel Gardens or submit online. ( link will be available soon) 

4- We will give both you and your child a wristband with a number on it. ( you can pick this up if you register on line Ising the receipt you will be emailed) 


5-This number will match the number of your forms. (We are working on an app too that will allow us to do all this electronically.. its coming soon) should we need your family info, we will use the number of the wristband to find it quickly.

6- We store your information in our locked and fire safe unit, only key members of our staff will have access to your information and forms will be destroyed safely within 3 months of an event.



(other than emergence services if needed!)

7- if you or your child are separated for any reason, we can find your information quickly and use it to reunite you, treat you and care for you properly. 

8- We will have procedures in place to take care of large groups of children should a situation require it and will implement a recording system and care package for each child no matter how long they are with us. 

9-Lost children will be cared for within Angel Gardens and appropriate procedure taken into place. ( or in an other welfare providing area) 

10- We will make sure we help you and your children quickly and with care! No matter what happens. 

Do you want to use this system at your festival....???? no charge.. we can just make it easier for you...

We are offering this service free of charge at our larger festival spaces this year ( lost children services will be run by other agencies unless agreed otherwise)  


We also hope festivals will take this very simple system that records the information of children on site and welcome them taking it and using it with our blessing. 

If you do want to use this system at your event and don't have time to set it up before this years event, we will happily share our paperwork/proforma/ra's/ missions statements etc with you so you can literally just change the festival names on the paperwork and implement your staff to run it.


Its time to work together. Please email us for the package free of charge..

Click here to read about how we

look after Lost Kids and some 

great tips on staying


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