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Angel Gardens has been running children and family spaces at festivals and outside events for 10 years and every year our client list and reputation grows.


 We are rich in talented and skilled educators, play workers and therapists all of whom work together to provide immersive and educational activities for the children that enter their spaces.


We are not a school, but we are educators and are firm believers that education can exit the classroom occasionally and stretch beyond all of our wildest dreams. All our activities and workshops are designed to fulfil educational learning aims and objectives that can be used to enhance the education of all the children who experience our work.


With this in mind Angel Gardens have produced an absence request letter to hand to your school or educational body to allow off site education of your child (if under 13 years) on any days you will be attending Angel Gardens during term time.


This letter can be filled out with your child’s name/s and submitted to request permission to release your child from school on the days of the festival. By using the classification  of ‘educated off site’ in the register, children are legally able to be absent from school on the agreed days.

This term is a common and well used method that schools use when children are experiencing learning outside of school and many schools welcome the chance for their pupils to experience these situations as it enriches not only their lives but the school as a whole.


Both Blissfields and Truck festival will fall during term time so you need to :


Blissfelds: Just email and include your ticket reference number and we will send you a letter for your school


Truck Festval: Just be patient we will get this info to you soon.


The letter will include contact details for the Angel Gardens education team, who will will answer any questions from the school and send a full learning and syllabus for the weekend.


 In addition to this, Blissfields and Angel Gardens have teamed up to create a ‘Blissfields Passport’ and there will be something similar at Truck festIval too.


This is carried by the child at the festival and filled in by Angel Gardens staff after each activity they attend. Angel gardens staff will sign and date the passport as well as making any notes. The child can add photos and their own comments.

This can be handed into school as evidence that learning has taken place and many classes enjoy looking at this together in 'show and tell time' when they return to school.


Angel Gardens are firm believers that children need to learn inside and outside of school and run a facebook page for parents who want advice on how to get more involved with their childrens education under the current government guidlines. You can find this here. 


teaching kids through play, art, dance, drama, performance and fun!


Read below to find out how you can gain permission to take your children out of school to learn with us in a field.


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