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Bell Tents, Bunting and Pretty Stuff.

We like things to look pretty! with our fine array of bell tents provided by oue lovely suporter Tobyn at 

we add bunting, fairy lights, flowers, gnomes, candles, lanterns and so much more. 


We are very strict with who we allow on site too, we dont allow plastic gazebos or white caravans.. it all has to match! and it simpy must look nice!.


Our lovely white Domes are provided by KidsCafeBerry and we invite different folks every year to bring their structures and ideas.


So what to expect?


Well every space is different of course, but we tend to try keep things based around an old fasioned community camp. With bell tents and units positioned in a circle around a campfire. With plenty of running around space in the centre, sculpture and seating, you can enjoy the cafe's offerings while watching the children play in the garden or even sit in the BIG TOP to watch a show.. Evenings turn into something special as the fairy lights come on ( all 600mts) and the many jam jar lanterns that have been made during the day are lit. The campfire is lit and all sorts happens around it.. we dont plan any of it.. at this time its up to you to provide the magic.. we just provide the wood.




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