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Green Crafts and Adult Spaces.

It would be easy to look at our work and think we are just for kids. But you would be wrong, we work with Green Crafts at Glastonbury and Wilderness providing crafts aimed at adults and we have a fine array of activities we use as a part of our programmes at other festivals that are aimed at Adults,


All our areas are designed for anyone of all ages, there are no age limits to stop adults getting involed. We activly design the program and activities so adults can join in too.


Our staff are trained to provide activities that teach and inform all ages and one of the most important things we aim to do it to combine ages of all kind into educational and creative settings.


Activities for adults.


Some of our activities that give your festival a varied program and choice outside of the main stages.


  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Tai chi

  • Dance classes ( samba, belly, street, flash mobs and theatre)

  • Drumming ( djembe and samba)

  • Cooking workshops such as : Cake decorating, chocolate and sweet making and more.

  • Creative arts classes ( painting, drawing and crafts)

  • Educational talks and workshops ( womens workshops, causes and projects)

  • Duck races, speed racing (!) hanster racing and retro games and computer games.

  • Themed nights ( Benidorm night, wedding disco, onsie nights and christmas parties)

  • Tallent shows, open mic and cabaret nights

  • Bands, performers and more.



Green Crafts and specialist activities.


We join with the Green Crafts collective twice a year and also bring some of the activities we do there into our other spaces. this year we have a fine array of activities:


  • Candle making in vinatge cups, tins and shells

  • Sock toys and puppets

  • Shoe making

  • Jewellery making with stamping

  • Organic and vegan body products ( soap, bath bombs and more)

  • Felt Making ( see Em Fountain )

  • Glass Painting

  • Willow Lanterns and crafts

  • Clay work 

  • Art Classes

  • Sewing and Dressmaking 

  • Yarn Spinning

and so so much more.. ask if you want something specific as we generally have someone on our books who can provde.



Our collective of crafts people can provide many many more activities, please look at each event for more details.


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