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Jacob's Green

Last Year one of our long standing Angels was tragically killed in a road accident. He was only 21 and had been part of Angel gardens since he was a little boy. His amazing circus and fire skills along with his ability to be kind and helpful grew with him as he became a man and he was an absolute credit to our organisation and the festivals he worked at over the years with his family.


We are thrilled to be creating a new area in Angel Gardens which will be an outdoor space Jacob's Green offering circus skills, games, races and activities that will be free to the public and will also offer young people the opportunity to work with professionals and be mentored professionally. ( just like Jacob was) We will take on 10 young people on each summer and train them up while working with the public in the space. 


This is a non profit project that will not benefit Angel Gardens financially, we will be just facilitating it and we will bring Jacob's Green to all our events without charge and any fees charged for it to be booked elsewhere will be used to fund its running. Any extra funds or profit at the end of the season will be donated to child refugee charities. 


WE hope to be able to introduce the programme in full in 2019 although you will be able to find Jacobs green offering circus skills and outdoor activities through the year.


Our objective here is to continue to support young people like we supported Jacob and help them turn into creative, exciting, professional performers and artists. To do this in Jacobs names is a wonderful thing.


We thank you in advance for your support.

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