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Airs and Graces Festival Kiddy Waggon

We were sent a basic trolly with a canopy and it came all in one box. We were tremendously excited about this product and got to work on it straight away.

In the true spirit of testing , we set our 14 year old daughter on the task of putting it together! She did it too! It was really easy to put together and the only thing she needed help on was attaching the pole which needed to be bolted nice and tight . It was up in fifteen minutes ! You can take it apart easily ( we kept the wheels attached) the whole family were able to erect it easily ( aged 10 to 43)

In true festival family style we pimped up the waggon with sticky backed plastic, gold fringing, LEDs and a few other bits. The cushions it came with were fine and fit lovely but we did add a small cusion for when kitty might get tired and want to lay down.

The first outing was Glastonbury and it was great getting over the bumpy paths. I worried about getting through the crowds but folks were great and totally fussed over kitty and took loads of photos of her in her waggon.

It's not the easiest thing to turn around , you need a good turning circle so we did get stuck in heavy crowds at the stage a few times. Also the pole that you use to pull it along could do with a catch or something as it doesn't stay up when you are at a stand still. We did have a few moments where it fell and bonked someone and we tripped up over it as it lay on the floor. We created a bit of a catch for it, but something more sturdy would have been great.

It's perfect for babies and toddlers , Kitty was 18 months and she loved been able to see around her, having the fold down canopy gave her shade and helped when sleep came and it did seem to be pretty much waterproof.

We tested it to the max at Wilderness festival where we carted two toddlers around in it, yes it was heavy but still not as bad as chasing them around the site!

They are a good price at around £45 and the fact they fold flat very easily you can transport them easily. Even if you are tracking across site with your kit you can use them to help carry the load. We went to the proms in the park in London and pulled Kitty along in ours through the city complete with picnic chairs and baskets of food.. Plenty of room for toddler and kit!

I'd certainly say YES! To anyone asking if they should get one.. They might not be as sturdy as some but for the price they are incredible value and they look great!


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