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Meet Mr Den

Hi, I’m Mr Denn, a children’s DJ with Angel Gardens.

In April 2014 Angel Sam asked me to DJ for her at Bearded Theory Festival. I was already DJing in the Magical Sounds dance tent (under my other DJ name, Denzileo), so after a bit of thought I accepted the challenge to do two themed discos, a 1980s Benidorm disco and a Christmas and New Year disco.

As a lover of costume and fancy dress, I also wanted to look the part, coming up with a naff 1980s look, (complete with mullet wig), and a cool Christmas suited look for the discos.

My sets went down well so Angel Sam invited me to join Angel Gardens at Latitude 2014, playing three themed discos (Benidorm, Pirates and Princesses, and Fresh Cheese).

In 2015 I was invited to return to Bearded Theory and to Angel Gardens for Latitude and Standon Calling. I realised that I needed a new DJ persona.

My love of costumes was so well-known amongst my festival friends that I had picked up the nickname Mr Benn, after the old children’s TV character. A quick purchase of a bowler hat later, and Mr Denn was born.

I even picked up a Fez for my designer, so he could look like Mr Benn’s shopkeeper.

Now you know all about me, do you want to help me out? I want to know what the best kids songs are this year, is anything going to knock Let It Go off the top spot?

Denzil Ede


DJ Style / Genres:- Funkyclectic - Funk, Disco, HipHop, Soul, Latin, Breaks, AfroBeat, Reggae, Ska, House and much more!

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